2941 Restaurant

A recognized dining establishment, 2941 Restaurant is situated in Falls Church, Virginia. The restaurant has won over locals and tourists alike with its classy ambiance, superb cuisine, and attentive service. This article will examine 2941 Restaurant in more detail, including its background and current offerings.

History of 2941 Restaurant

The stunning glass-walled structure that the 2941 Restaurant is housed in overlooks a serene lake. Originally constructed in the 1980s as an office complex, the structure was converted to a restaurant in 2002.

The restaurant’s name, 2941, is derived from the building’s address, 2941 Fairview Park Drive. The setting is ideal for an unforgettable dining experience thanks to the distinctive architecture of the building and the surrounding scenery.


Modern American food is served at 2941 Restaurant, with an emphasis on seasonal and regional ingredients. Executive Chef Bertrand Chemel, who is passionate about developing inventive dishes that highlight the tastes and textures of the ingredients he uses, created the menu.

On the menu, a few of the most popular dishes are:

  1. Tuna Crudo: A light and energizing dish with avocado, citrus, chili, and fresh tuna.
  2. Duck Confit: A hearty and flavorful dish made with roasted mushrooms, slow-cooked duck leg, and pureed black garlic.
  3. Maine Lobster: A decadent dish made up of beurre blanc, truffled potato puree, and butter-poached lobster.
  4. Seared Wagyu beef, potato fondant, and bordelaise sauce make up this opulent dish.

The tasting menu at 2941 Restaurant, in addition to its a la carte menu, enables diners to sample a number of Chef Chemel’s signature dishes all at once.

Wine Selection

The wine list at 2941 Restaurant is extensive and includes more than 1,000 bottles from different countries. Jonathan Schuyler, the restaurant’s wine director, carefully chooses the selection to make sure there is something for everyone.

To make it simple for guests to find the ideal wine pairing for their meal, the wine list is arranged by region, varietal, and style. The restaurant offers a variety of craft cocktails in addition to its extensive wine list and beer.


The glass-walled structure of 2941 Restaurant and the picturesque lake views make for the ideal setting for an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant’s interior, which features tasteful furnishings, delicate lighting, and cozy seating, is every bit as beautiful as its surroundings.

There is a private dining room in the restaurant as well, which can hold up to 70 people. For special occasions, business events, or small gatherings, the room is ideal.


Service is of utmost importance at 2941 Restaurant. The attentive and knowledgeable staff at the restaurant are dedicated to giving each patron a special dining experience. The staff makes a concerted effort to anticipate guests’ needs and go above and beyond their expectations from the time they arrive until they depart.

To make dining at 2941 Restaurant as convenient as possible, the restaurant also provides a number of services. Valet parking, online bookings, and gift card purchases are some of these services.


In Falls Church, Virginia, 2941 Restaurant should definitely be on your dining itinerary. The restaurant offers a dining experience unlike any other thanks to its superb cuisine, wide wine selection, gorgeous ambiance, and flawless service. The 2941 Restaurant is the ideal venue for any event, whether it’s a family reunion, a business gathering, or a romantic dinner for two.

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