Clare And Don’s Beach Shack

In Falls Church, Virginia, there is a distinctive and well-liked eatery called Clare and Don’s Beach Shack. The eatery offers a distinctive beach-themed ambiance and a menu with a selection of delectable seafood dishes. This article will examine Clare and Don’s Beach Shack’s past and consider what makes it a well-liked dining spot in the Northern Virginia region.


Clare and Don Chow established Clare and Don’s Beach Shack in 2011. The couple dreamed of opening a beach-themed eatery with delicious seafood dishes and a relaxed atmosphere. Their trips to the Caribbean, where they fell in love with the vibrant hues, music, and flavors of the area, served as inspiration.

The couple discovered that there weren’t many eateries in Virginia that provided a genuine beach experience. They made the decision to launch their own eatery, Clare and Don’s Beach Shack, to close this market gap.

Because of the restaurant’s delectable fare, entertaining ambiance, and helpful staff, it quickly developed a devoted following. Clare and Don’s Beach Shack has developed into a well-liked dining spot in the Northern Virginia region over time, drawing both locals and visitors.


The menu at Clare and Don’s Beach Shack, which offers a variety of seafood dishes, is one of its best features. The eatery serves everything from lobster rolls and shrimp po’ boys to fish tacos and crab cakes. Additionally, there are lots of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

The fish and chips is one of the most well-liked dishes on the menu. Cod that has been beer-battered appears in the dish, along with fries and tartar sauce. The shrimp and grits, which includes jumbo shrimp sautéed with bacon, onions, and peppers and served over creamy grits, is another dish that is a customer favorite.

Clare and Don’s Beach Shack provides a variety of cocktails and frozen drinks in addition to its main menu. The Painkiller, a rum-based cocktail served in a tiki-style glass, is the restaurant’s signature drink.


The atmosphere at Clare and Don’s Beach Shack is what distinguishes it from other eateries in the neighborhood. The restaurant’s interior design features vibrant beach-themed murals, beach chairs, and umbrellas. Additionally, there is a sizable patio area outside that is ideal for dining al fresco.

The staff at the restaurant always greets customers with a smile and is friendly and laid-back, which reflects the restaurant’s overall atmosphere. At Clare and Don’s Beach Shack, you’ll feel right at home whether you frequent the place often or this is your first time.

Community Involvement

Clare and Don’s Beach Shack is renowned for its contributions to the neighborhood in addition to its delicious food and enjoyable atmosphere. Regular events and fundraisers are held at the restaurant to benefit neighborhood charities and organizations.

Every summer, the restaurant hosts the Beach Shack Boil, one of its biggest events. The celebration includes live music, unlimited seafood, and plenty of cold beverages. The event’s entire net earnings support neighborhood charities.

Additionally dedicated to sustainability, Clare and Don’s Beach Shack has taken measures to lessen its negative effects on the environment. The eatery recycles all of its waste and uses compostable takeout containers.


In Falls Church, Virginia, Clare and Don’s Beach Shack is a distinctive dining establishment. It’s no surprise that the restaurant has become so well-known in the Northern Virginia region with its mouthwatering seafood dishes, entertaining beach-themed ambiance, and dedication to community involvement and sustainability. Visits to Clare and Don’s Beach Shack are always special occasions, whether you’re craving fish tacos or a frozen beverage.

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