Cherry Hill Historic House And Farm

Cherry Hill Historic House and Farm, a hidden gem that gives visitors a fascinating look into the city’s fascinating history, is located right in the center of Falls Church, Virginia. The mansion and grounds of the estate, which once belonged to the wealthy and illustrious family of John Mills, have been meticulously preserved and brought back to their former splendor.

Cherry Hill’s beginnings can be traced to the early 1700s, when John Mills, a well-known local and tobacco farmer, first acquired the land. The first house was a straightforward two-story building that was constructed around 1765. The Mills family kept adding to their land holdings and enlarging their estate over time. The house was renovated and increased in size in the middle of the nineteenth century, and it now has a Greek Revival design with a grand entrance portico and roomy interiors.

Today, Cherry Hill welcomes guests to explore the home and grounds while learning about the fascinating past of the Mills family. With period furnishings and decorations, the house has been brought back to its appearance from the middle of the 19th century, giving visitors an idea of what life was like for Virginia’s affluent elite at that time.

The guided tour of the house, which offers insight into the lifestyle of the Mills family and the history of the area, is one of the highlights of a trip to Cherry Hill. The formal parlor, dining room, and library are just a few of the rooms that guests can tour and learn about the family’s daily activities and social gatherings.

Cherry Hill offers a range of educational events and programs all year long in addition to the house tour, such as practical workshops, talks, and special occasions. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the Mills family through these programs.

The nearby farm and gardens are another distinctive aspect of Cherry Hill. Visitors can experience firsthand how crops were grown and harvested in the 19th century on the estate’s numerous acres of farmland. Visitors can get a sense of how farm life was organized back then by visiting the farm’s restored barn and outbuildings.

A sight to behold are Cherry Hill’s gardens, which feature a wide range of mid-19th century-style plants and flowers. While strolling through the gardens, visitors can take in the beauty of the plants and discover their historical significance.

A great vacation spot for families with young children is Cherry Hill. The estate provides a range of engaging interactive activities and programs aimed at teaching kids about agriculture and history. Everyone can find something to enjoy at Cherry Hill, from interactive workshops to scavenger hunts.

Cherry Hill is a well-liked location for weddings and special events in addition to its educational offerings. The estate’s grandeur and beauty make it the perfect setting for weddings and other celebrations, and it is a well-liked option for both locals and tourists due to its convenient location in the middle of Falls Church.

All things considered, Cherry Hill Historic House and Farm is a must-see location for anyone with a passion for history, architecture, or farming. Families, history buffs, and anyone else interested in learning more about this fascinating part of Virginia will find the estate to be the perfect destination. Its well-preserved mansion, farmland, and gardens provide a unique window into the past.

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