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“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.” -Jane Lane

There’s nothing like a knockout smile.

Just consider that we smile when greeting someone, we smile in appreciation and we smile to convey happiness. There’s no doubt that a smile is our most important social bonding gesture. Your smile is the total center of expression. And, when it dazzles, you exude confidence and contentment, happiness and joy. See some of our proudly completed smile makeovers below.

First Impressions

First impressions are lasting impressions! They tell people a lot about you. Good first impressions are the beginning of both long-term business and personal relationships. They are usually made in the first 30 seconds. In that first 30 seconds, 95% of how we are perceived is based on our smile and eyes.

A Smile Makeover Can Do It All!

A smile makeover can dramatically enhance your appearance. You’ll look younger, healthier, and more attractive! A smile makeover can change your life. You will feel more confident and have more self-esteem because you know you’re looking great!

Smile Makeovers Aren’t Extreme

It is a conservative, non-aggressive procedure performed on the teeth & gums to rejuvenate your smile. It is the only method to have the teeth & gums in symmetry & harmony balancing shape & color. This comfortable procedure is typically completed in 2 visits!

What Our Patients Say About Their Smile Makeover

Dr. Kallas and I met during my year as Mrs. Virginia Globe 2004. The Mrs. Globe pageant system is the primary fundraiser and voice for the outreach program Women In Need (WIN). I contacted Dr. Kallas to recruit him for the S.M.I.L.E. program, the WIN Foundation’s national teeth bleaching and smile makeover program...

Michelle, Graphic Designer
Falls Church , VA

I had been Dr. Kallas’ patient for 10 years before we talked about cosmetic dentistry to correct an uneven smile. Going to him is a great experience. My smile wasn’t bad before, but I like it so much better now and get a lot of compliments about it.

Nimati, Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani
Merrifield , VA

As a newscaster I have to be aware of how my smile looks both on-camera and off. I had veneers already, but wasn’t happy with them. When I decided to re-do them, I researched nearly 40 doctors, but chose Dr. Kallas because I knew my smile would look beautiful before and after the new veneers were complete...

Christine Klien, Newscaster for ABC7
Tysons Corner , VA

I never gave much thought to my appearance; but my teeth weren’t as straight as I would have liked, and there was a chip on one. Dr. Kallas took the time to educate me about everything—procedures, techniques, even planning the color of my veneers. I’ve never met a dentist like Dr. Kallas, or like anyone on his team. Seeing them is a pleasure.

Alexander, Chief Technical Architect
Tyson's Corner , VA

I had just been through a divorce and wanted to do something for myself. When I saw Dr. Kallas’ ad for MAC veneers, I went right to his website. Dr. Kallas’ work has made a huge difference for me. People always notice something’s different about me and I get a lot of compliments about my smile...

Angela, Massage Therapist
Falls Church , VA

My teeth were straight, but they were decaying. There were lots of crowns and they had to constantly be redone. Dr. Kallas has cutting edge equipment and the latest techniques, and with his “smile makeover” I don’t have to keep going back to restore crowns. I even had a gap fixed! Now I’m confident at any angle....

Anna, Ballet Instructor/Actress/Personalized Care
Falls Church , VA

I had a pretty horrendous narrow upper plate and was very self-conscious, but my job was behind the scenes. When I knew I was going to be working with the public, I wanted to improve my smile in preparation. I’m so pleased! It’s a work of art, but it’s natural. Dr. Kallas is more than a dentist...

George, Founder of Creative Mind Flow
Merrifield , VA

As a child, I had broken two teeth and needed some orthodontia, but I wasn’t really willing to go through that. Dr. Kallas took my disarray and made it dance. Now I don’t have to feel like hiding or holding back my smile. Dr. Kallas is uncompromising. He envisioned the artwork and gave me exactly what I wanted....

Michael, Professional Hair Color Manufacturer
Falls Church , VA

Dr. Kallas had done such a good job as my son’s orthodontist that I knew he was a great dentist. He is professional and accommodating. His personality puts you right at ease. I just started asking some questions about cosmetic dentistry while I was in the office with my son. My bottom teeth really bothered me...

Ann, Financial Analyst
Merrifield , VA

I had two front teeth that bothered me, and trouble flossing. I even popped a crown while I was flossing! Dr. Kallas’ work is beautiful. Though I am the same person inside, things have changed. Eating is better, my smile has changed, and everyone loves how it looks. Dr. Kallas has a great reputation for professionalism...

Captain Fahad, Retired Pilot
Tyson's Corner , VA

I would like to thank Dr. Kallas and his amazing team for my beautiful smile. I cannot express in words how the new smile Dr. Kallas gifted me with has changed my life, not only in my personal life but also as a professional model, a title holder, and as a spokeswoman of the W.I.N. Foundation....

Lilian, Mrs USA Globe 2012
Tyson's Corner , VA